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I Am Able IOWA Radio Show

First & last Saturday of each month

9:00 am     |    Co-hosts Daniel Heddendorf  &  Doug Cunningham

I Am Able Iowa Radio/Podcast

About the Show: 

The I Am Able IOWA radio show presents issues, stories, and information about disabilities. Program topics include disability etiquette, service animals, accessibility issues, specific disabilities, mental health, and interviews that facilitate learning, engaging, and connecting with listeners.

The I Am Able IOWA radio program broadcasts live on the first and final Saturday of the month from 9:00-10:00am. During the first show, Daniel made a powerful statement that he understood why we were doing the show – so that he, who was diagnosed as autistic at an early age, and that his family were not alone in their journey – and that has been a theme that has tied all of the programs together.

About Daniel Heddendorf/Co-host

I Am Able IOWA Daniel Heddendorf is a writer, actor, and radio host. He was a former D/J. at 88.5 KURE, studied at the Iowa State University. He has said about the show: “It’s not about starting a conversation, but expanding on it. Asking questions, clearing up misconceptions, realizing where we can improve in terms of our own behavior. If those who tune in do the same, the show has the potential to improve everyone’s lives.”


Your contributions help make the I Am ABLE radio show possible.  

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