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Action Reports 

The Arc of Iowa

Current Projects and Activities of The Arc of Iowa

What needs are currently unmet in your community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Join the Circle of Connections, form a volunteer work group and make positive change with The Arc of Iowa.


Adult Changing Spaces

Across the state of Iowa and our nation there is an unseen, unspoken of issue; a lack of accessible restrooms for individuals with disabilities. Current regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state that handicap accessible restrooms are only required to accommodate the space needed for a wheelchair user to comfortably access a restroom. These standards do not address the large segment of the disability community that cannot properly utilize current facilities.



Iowa Disability & Aging Advocacy Network (IDAAN)

IDAAN is a group of advocates and organizations that seek to improve the lives of Iowans who are intellectually or developmentally disabled, seniors and elderly.  

Kirkwood Professional Development and Intern Initiative

Iowa is currently in a Direct Care (Home Care) Staffing Crisis.  There are 1000's of unfilled positions at local agencies with families on HCBS Waiver Programs stuck with no support staff.  The Arc of Iowa has been partnering with Kirkwood Community College to set up a pilot project to train students and establish a local internship program to funnel new workers into the system.  



DHS Medicaid Team (ARPA Funding)

The Arc of Iowa has been partnering with the Department of Human Services to better understand the needs of families on HCBS Waivers and to assist the State of Iowa in administering $100 million in one time Federal ARPA Funds.  

The Arc of Iowa v. Reynolds

Click to Review the Case 

In the final days of the 2021 legislative session, the Iowa General Assembly passed HF 847, which prohibits school districts in Iowa from requiring everyone to wear masks in their schools. As the school year begins and COVID cases soar, school districts face a dilemma: whether to comply with HF 847 or whether to meet their obligations under federal disability rights laws by protecting the health, safety, and dignity of their students with disabilities and providing equal access to their education.


Other Groups and Committees our Circle Members Monitor


Medicaid Advisory Council (MAAC)

This is a state committee that manages and monitors the contracts for the Medicaid Funds Distributed through the Managed Care Process in Iowa. 

Peer Action Disability Support (PADS)

Garret Frye - Circle of Connections Member

Peer Action Disability Support (P.A.D.S.) in Linn County. P.A.D.S. is run by and for people with disabilities, and its mission is to improve people‚Äôs lives through peer support and community advocacy. Despite having very little money, P.A.D.S. has a track record of remarkable achievements in such areas as ADA awareness (with the biggest, annual volunteer-run ADA Celebration in the state), improved accessibility in public facilities, and better public transportation.