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Caregiving; ADA enhanced bathroom design with adult changing tables

Adult Changing Spaces

ADA Enhanced Bathroom Design

Adult Changing Spaces

Across the State of Iowa there is an unseen, unspoken issue, a lack of accessible restrooms for individuals with disabilities. Current regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state that handicap accessible restrooms are only required to accommodate the space needed for a wheelchair user to comfortably access a restroom. These standards do not address the large segment of the disability community that cannot properly utilize current facilities.

Why do we need adult changing spaces?

Standard accessible restrooms do not meet the needs of individuals who are beyond the weight limit to safely use a traditional changing table, yet still require the use of incontinence products. Some need assistance with changes by a caregiver. Other simply require more space, privacy and a multi-gender restroom.  PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO 

Get Off The Floor

Iowans with disabilities across our state are not able to use ADA provided facilities in a safe, private and dignified manner. These individuals are changed on unhygienic public restroom floors, on the lap of their caretakers, or in the back of vehicles. Some may go unchanged, forced to sit soiled until an appropriate place can be located.  3 MINUTE IMPACT VIDEO

Awareness and Improvements are Growing!

Like many of The Arc's Initiatives, Changing Spaces is a parent-led advocacy group inspired by Changing Places UK who seek to promote community inclusion by raising awareness around the need for adult-sized changing tables and lifts for persons with physical disabilities and limited access to proper restrooms supports.

Organizations That Are Making a Difference

Access to adult changing spaces in Iowa is growing thanks to advocates like you!

Iowa DOT includes Adjustable Height Adult Changing Tables in Rest Stops

Iowa DOT

New restrooms get improved

The Iowa Department of Transportation is committed to providing access to individuals with disabilities traveling throughout the State of Iowa.  Height adjustable adult size changing tables will be added to new rest areas being constructed now.  Going forward they will be retrofitting all of the modern style rest areas over the next four years.

Blank Park Zoo Installs Adult Changing Tables

Blank Park Zoo

Kids with disabilities can enjoy the zoo

Blank Park Zoo has finished construction on Gogo's Plaza. 

The new structure houses men's and women's restrooms, a mother's room and a family restroom with a height adjustable adult size changing table.  This advancement is making going to the zoo an option for families with an adult loved one who needs assistance with changing.          

Caregiving - Adult sized Changing Spaces in Grimes

City of Grimes

Local community commits to adult changing spaces

The City of Grimes recognizes that children with special needs grow into adults that require specialized care. The City of Grimes is committed to making its parks and facilities more inclusive beginning with the addition of a height adjustable adult size changing table at their Grimes Community Complex as well as in the planning of the new public library.  

Caregiving - Adult Sized Changing Table

MercyOne Health

Installs adult changing table in Des Moines

MercyOne Des Moines Medical Centers is committed to personalizing care for clients. 

A height adjustable adult size changing table was added to the restroom near the cafeteria.   If you are in the area, enter the bathroom, call building maintenance to get the code to access the key pad to activating the table.  Keep this code as you can use it for future medical visits.  

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