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Giving & Receiving Care

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Long Term Care - Advice and Resources

Caregiving in Iowa

Caregiving may be one of the most important, and challenging, roles you’ll ever take on. No matter where you are in your caregiving journey — starting to plan; taking care of a family member in your home, in a facility, or from a distance; or managing end-of-life caregiving responsibilities — having resources at your fingertips will make the process easier. 

Care Notebooks - Important Information from Families

A Care Notebook is an organization tool for families who have children with disabilities or special health care needs. The notebook is used to keep track of important information about a child's healthcare. Some programs provide families with notebooks, some families purchase Care Notebook software, and some create their own. For these reasons ASK decided to focus on the parts of a Care Notebook rather than one specific product.

from the Ask Resource Center

Adult Changing Spaces

The Arc of Iowa and its members have been advocating over recent years with Changing Spaces Iowa to create adult changing spaces for caregivers that want to provide their loved ones with dignity and respect.  Learn more about this effort and listen to an interview with Nancy Baker Curtis that takes an in-depth look at Getting Loved Ones Up Off The Floor.  

from The Arc of Iowa - I Am Able IOWA Radio Show

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