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Executive Reports 

I am ABLE Radio Station

Currently produced by the Iowa Able Foundation, "I Am ABLE" presents issues, stories and information about disabilities.  The show currently broadcasts live on the first and final Saturdays of each month and rebroadcasts on Thursdays.  During the first show Daniel made a powerful statement that he understood why we are doing the show - so that he, who was diagnosed as autistic at an early age, and that his family were not alone on this journey - and that has been the theme that ties all the shows together.  

Iowa Able Foundation would like The Arc of Iowa to take over the show.  

Membership Update

6081 Iowa Members are now registered in the National Arc Membership database thanks to the help of the AARP Worker Program.   Local chapters may download a roster of their local members.  We will continue to update information as we identify when things changes.  Moving forward we need to convert these members into grass root warriors by encouraging them to access services, volunteer locally and give to their local chapters.   We need them to be informed and passionate about educating their local legislators and ask them to renew membership in The Arc.  

Volunteer Opportunity

I am looking for volunteers to help us craft our message to members, expand our social media reach and design marketing materials.  If you or someone you know would like to help with this, please email me:

Achieve With Us Fund

Thanks to a generous gift and pledge by Duane and Delaine Petersen, The Arc of Iowa established a fund in the Des Moines Community Foundation who currently manages assets for charities and donors in excess of $800 million.   The fund has also been created to help build a legacy that will give The Arc of Iowa the ability to advocate for families and individuals with disabilities for generations to come.   

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant

Paula and Doug have been working on an initial narrative to present a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant, which the process itself has been very revealing in what is being done currently.

 >> Grant Summary

 >> Senator Harkin - Making Iowa No. 1 in Disability Services

Discussion with No Place Like Home - The Lewin Report

>> The Case for Strengthening the Essential Workforce

>> Karin a Direct Care Workforce Public Narrative

>> Scan of National Strategies of Strengthening DSW

>> Direct Care Workforce Policy and Action Guide

National Direct Support Workforce Study 

>> Providing Support During Covid includes Iowa Data

Charity Vending Update

The Arc of Iowa embarked on a journey several years ago to help stabilize its ongoing financial resources and to build a training opportunity to give individuals with disabilities employable skills.   Currently, we have been struggling through reduced sales related to Covid, have had increased costs due to Goodwill moving locations around and have only recently seen customers begin to return to retail stores where machines are located.  

I am happy to report:

 - Sales are improving

 - Goodwill reports an increase in foot traffic at their stores

 - Two machines with poor sales have been refurbished and moved

 - The new machines on order are scheduled for delivery this month

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